Personalised Fitness Plans

My products are designed with YOU in mind. Whether you want to lose weight, be fit or stay fit, there is something for you here. All these affordable products have been put together to help you achieve your goals.  With my numerous certifications and experience – we will make it work! So start your journey with me today.

The Fitness Plan

Get a Personalised Exercise Regime Designed around your Daily Life – Your Plan…Your Way!
The Fitness Plan is designed around you, what you need and what you can do. I take into account your abilities, availability, daily schedule, fitness level, available equipment and your willpower. With your co-operation, I will deliver a tailor-made fitness plan you can adapt to your daily life.

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Benefits of the Fitness Plan

  • Affordable; you get a lifetime of fitness for the price of a month’s gym membership.
  • Tailor made to fit in with your busy life and work schedule, so no more excuses.
  • Simple yet effective moves that get you the results you will love.
  • Time-saver exercises that can be done all at once or throughout the day.
  • The plan has SPECIFIC exercises for your troubled spots and educates you on the best exercises for each body part.
  • Burn fat and tone up.
  • Revitalises and gives you the energy boost you need to get through your busy day.